Miles Away

i'm doing the countdown again. 3 more days. and i'm goin back to kms. but what i worry more is having to say goodbye to a fren. a very good fren of mine. funny i know.. he's just an online fren after all.

so we met thru online game. he pranked me in ragnarok and we got into a conversation for the 1st tym. then he joined Ventrilo, and we get closed ever since. lil that i know that we r still gonna b close, up until now. we email each other ever so often while i'm in college. there this 1 tym, i was really down and he gave me the-best-email-i've -ever -received. and darn it, i cried reading it.

3 months of holiday after SPM, i spent almost every night talking to him till morning. we laugh and we sing. he play guitar and i go jaw drop. its hard to find us not knowing what to talk about. cuz we always have sth to talk about. our conversations are full of randomness and it makes it a lot of fun.

then college is going to start. 10th May 2010 is the date that i'm afraid of.. i'll be gone to start a new life. and the countdown starts.. 13more days to go...12...11..10.. and when it comes to 3 more days.. i cried. haha. yes i did. 1 thing about me is its very easy to get me teary...

so.. its like deja vu. the countdown is like a playback.. back in college, i'll listen to all the recordings i managed to save from the 3 months.. the singing including rapping (haha), the acoustic play.. the conversation..the laughter... with the hope it will at least gives me a slight of happiness whenever i'm sad or scared. yes, most of the tym, it will break me into laughter. XD

but the bad news is, i've removed ventrilo and all the recordings are gone with it.. i totally forgot about the recordings! god damn it =( owh well, life goes on.. haha. ppl that r involved in the recordings are all over the world. Australia (Stephen, Leo, Becky, Jess, Burnsy, Cory). UH-merica!*with the way of how (Keith and Joey) will say it* . Philipines (Alvin, Trish). Netherland (Hein Jordens). Nihad the general manager, Kenneth and my dear hirudo.. lol. you guys are the best ppl in the world!

but the dude i was talking about earlier is not hirudo.. na'ah. its Alvin. not Alvin and The Chipmunks. he's Kris Alvin. he's vain but he has a very good sense of humour. a bad ass back then in high skool. he's pretty short and kinda cute. haha. last but not least he's my best internet pal.

p/s: miss u play Here Without You shoo much and u owe me Pitcha Pie for my bday!

few songs that made that 3 months wonderful:
Here Without You - 3 Doors Down
Jump Then Fall - Taylor Swift
Goodbye to You - Michelle Branch
Your Guardian Angel - RJA
Drop It Like Its Hot - Snoop Dogg
and of course.. alot more it will take forever to list it

p/s: keep laughing whenever i think about the joke that u're gonna come all the way here and drop a bomb at my house. and of course save me. haha


Alvin said...

LOL!! you called me vain and short!! hahaha!! i'm taller than you girl!! hahahah!!

A Place Called Here said...

by what? an inch? haha!

Alvin said...

as far as i remember it was 2 inches? LOL an inch or two, i'm still taller ^_~

A Place Called Here said...

lol. and u're no more taller then me when i put on my killer heels. hah! back at ya! =p

Alvin said...

then i'll make my hair stand.... =))

A Place Called Here said...

and... i'm sure i'm still taller >.<

Alvin said...

Lol right.. lets leave it as that LOL, since i dont care with most of the things in this world... lets count that hight thinggy with those things..

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