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I'M IN LOVE!!!!! WITH DAVID ARCHULETA!!! gawsh he is oh so adorable. its llike whenever he's smiling i'm melting...

hell yeah i went to his concert. the best part was i paid for the RM90+ tix n during the concert i got to sit at the RM200+ section. how awesome!

i love all the songs that nyt. but i'm gonna highlight on a few songs that got me really like so so so into it.
- stand by me
- falling stars
- thousand miles
- my kind of perfect
- a little too not over you
its like he touched my heart or sth. haha.

David Archuleta Asian Tour <---- click this link 2 check out archie rock the stage that nyt. ^^

ok, moving on... i pass my jpj test!! woooots wooots!!!!! i can now officially DRIVE! yeah baby! u heard meh! i am ready to rock the road!! =p i'm so very happy ya know. i dun hafta take public transport nemore which i HATE. n i dun hafta ask ne1 to send  me here n there. hehe.

1 more thing i wanna tell ya guys. my hair which was like long till my waist is now SHORT! say what???!! ok, so this is how the story goes. i went to 2 da salon to get my hair perm(curl) which was last week. n it kinda din work. my hair straightened back after 2 days. maybe its becoz of the rebonding effect i still got on my hair. so i went back to the salon last 2 days(if i;m not mistaken) to perm my hair again. n this tym she cut like half of the original length of my hair. i was liek O.O what the heck? i want  my long hair baaackk!!! but its still nice tho. i'm so rocking this hair style!

song of da day: Skyscrapper - Demi Lovato (this song is so freaking inspiring)


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be SkySCRAPER?! Not scrapper? And I don't hear you harping about Archie at work, either! Do it like me - wail and moan in depression! And do it proudly!

Mr. J said...

YAY for Archie! :D

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