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i need to come to realise that he is just a guy
a special one, maybe. but he's not mine
i dun need to do things to make him love me
coz if he wanted to, he would.

my stereo is blasting,
my eyeliner is beginning to smear,
i can barely hear and tears start to flow.

with my hair pulled back and my eyes drowned
i realize slowly that no matter how much i hope, there is no escape.

the girl who seemed unbreakable- broke
the girl who seemed so strong- crumbled
the girl who always laughed it off- cried
the girl who would never stop trying- finally gave up n quit

you know this is hurting me so much
but u jus stand there n watch me fall apart

my heart is broken, my words r unspoken.
my tears r saying all that needs to be said.
thoughts and feelings.
how dare you do what you've done to me?
you caused all these miseries n u dun care
n i still wonder, why r u doing this to me
why r u doing this to me so easily
how can u let go so easily?
how can u forget jus like that?

no more words, no more lies
the pain is killing me n yet i survived
sweet in start, bitter in end
hearts will break, never bend

broken smile, starless sky, grab it all, say goodbye
just live and breathe again
i gave you everything but it wasnt enough to make you stay

she was afraid that after all this waiting, he'll end up with another girl
she was afraid of what hasnt happened yet
and most of all, she was afraid she'll never find someone who could compare to him.
but now, she jus dun give a damn nemore.

in the world of a thousand lies where the truth is nowhere to b seen
and it only takes one look into your eyes
and i know you're the only truth i need
but u lied

there's nowhere in the world i'd rather be than in ur arms

i'm done losing sleep because of you
i'm done holding back tears at the thought of you
i'm done being depressed over you
i'm done crying my eyes out because of you
and i'm done asking the same questions that go unanswered

what, did u think that i am strong enough to handle it?
if u did, then honey, u dunno me at all. eh wait, u mmg dunno me at all.
u couldnt care less rmmber?
these smiles are fake. just another lie ppl bought.
you would never know the disaster thats behind em

i am a weak girl, i always have been
i fall apart at night, i try my best to smile
i sing along to sad songs relating them to my life
please save me from myself

just becoz i cry, i'm not emo
and baby i can scream but i'm no prep
just because these arms r scarred
who's to say it is self harm?

my eyes hurt from crying,
my heart aches from trying
my wrist burns from cutting
and in the end, i still have nth

look at urself, u're not gud enuf
you arent pretty enuf
you arent perfect enough
you're jus a lil failure

there's only so much pain one girl's heart can take
and you my dear, have exceeded the limits.

and so the story ends
with her sitting at the road side covering her face with her palm in front of his house building
crying wondering why..

any1 who can touch you can hurt or heal you
any1 who can reach you can love or leave you

one day i will wake up,
i will b able to get dressed
and live my life everyday without thinking about him
the day will come.

song of da day: Happy Ending - Mika


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