Ya told me that mama knows about it. one of the night i cried, mama, ya and kak na were in the next room. so they heard meh.

Mama    : eh, sape nangis tu?
Ya         : Alice la
Kak Na : kenapa alice nangis?
Ya         : entah, boyfriend dia
Mama    : she is being stupid. lelaki mcm tu, sng2 je nak cari. x payah lah nak nangis2.
Ya         : tulah, ramai je lelaki handsome yg nak dkt dia. tak tau nape lelaki 2 jugak yang dia pilih. seriusly, i
               see nth in him.

so yah, thanx 2  my mum n my sis for opening my eyes. thanx to kalai, eeve, eng leong, farah n jeev for making me realise that its not me who dun deserve him, its him who dont deserve me. coz its true that you're blind when you're in love. p/s: thanx eng leong n sorry u hafta 2 listen to my craps every single day. n thats only becoz eng leong is working at gsc with meh! awesome ryt?

ya know i've made loads of plans. wanna do those lil things for him before he fly. i got it all in my head. but i guess he's saving me from all the troubles. tho, i've already prepare some of it. ima burn everything!

moving on... well, i din lose nething the day he walked away. in fact, its his lost. life goes on.. i'm moving on.. went on a date with a cyute guy. there's a malay saying goes "patah tumbuh hilang berganti". tho i still think about that bastard all the fucking time. its soon not goin to b like that nemore. coz if he is STUPID enough to walk away. i'll b SMART enuf to let him go. so cheers~

song of da day: Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene =) awesome song ryt! still hate selena gomez tho. n i watched her movie Monte Carlo. its a cliche story but its awesome still. ^^ eng leong was so tired he slept during the first hour -.-''

pp/s: there's this one dude at work told me that i looked like Kim Kardashian *blush* HAHA


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