so i got Psychology in Universiti Malaysia Sabah. yes, i want psychology. n there are only 3 universities that offer this course. UKM, UMS, UTM. darn i din get UKM. its near to home sweet home. n so i got UMS. which is literally oversea. i hafta take flight n stuff. so far okayh! haih...
but i heard the campus is nice. its near the beach n that place where the uni is situatedis awesome.

i kinda have that big feelings that i'm gonna get this course in sabah. n yah, when i got 2 know, i'm not shock. hmm...

moving on, urs truly is not feeling well. sore throat+fever. *slap forehead*

n my jpj test falls on the same day with David Archuletta concert. argh!! what if the test takes too long n i cant make it to the concert? paid for the tix edi weyh.. *huge sigh*

owh well, dun even wanna think about it. for now, ima continue drinking coffee n eat this famous amos cookies. nom nom nom. yes, i havent lost my appetite eventho i'm sick.

song of da day: Stitch by Stitch - Javier Colon


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